Frequently Asked Questions

How will i digitize (template) my project?

After receiving a deposit on your project, we will send you a camera in a sturdy flight case along with some equipment that you will use to take pictures of your project.  Instructions are included, and we're always available to help.  After you've taken your pictures, just send the camera back to us in the flight case it was sent in, and we'll design your project from there!

How long does it take to get my completed project?

Typically, one we receive your pictures, we will have your design ready in about 2 weeks.  Once you approve your design to be fabricated, it takes about another week to fabricate.  Please note that lead times can vary throughout the year.

How much is SeaDek?

There are a lot of variables that go into the price (thickness, design, how much material, etc.).  However, you'll find that custom cut SeaDek is surprisingly affordable, especially compared to other flooring options!  Give us a call today at 305-685-9920 to go over your project.

What types of boats can I digitize with the Digi-Dek system?

Any boat that has easy to see, molded in non-skid, can be digitized using the Digi-Dek system.  If your boat does not have molded in non-skid, please call us at 305-685-9920 to go over other options.